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Posted By on Oct 15, 2015

Binary options trading have been getting huge popularity nowadays. In binary options, you just have to predict whether the maturity price of the asset will be higher or lower than the current price of the asset. When it comes to binary trading, there are many awkward variable that hinders the trading process. Most important variable are time and location.

You must have missed many golden opportunities to lock the trade while working in your office. There are many time when an individual is waiting for the bus to get home and trade; and in the meanwhile he is losing the golden opportunity to earn profits. Imagine yourself, waking up in the morning and logging into your account to find out that you have missed opportunity to earn thousands in the night.


Many people are distraught by the fact that they cannot trade all the time. The solution to this problem is very simple. Many companies have launched binary options application for your android, iPhone and tablet devices. With the help of such applications, you will be able to make trades while working in your office. You can set up alerts at these applications to wake you up in the night at the time of profitable trades; so that you do not miss out on any opportunity.

With these applications near you, you can use the free Wi-Fi in a café and utilize that time to set up trades. Imagine having these applications by your side all the time and never missing an opportunity to make trades. This will drastically increase your profit ratios and help you overcome the time and location barrier.

You should go for the broker that offers mobile trading system. As this is the new market, most brokers do not offer mobile platform to their customers. Developing a mobile platform takes a lot time and resources, as the company has to develop software on which all the features can work. You will find the list of the best binary options mobile applications below:


24option is a broker that offers educational links for beginners as well as the professional. These educational links helps the traders to win trades. The broker offers 71-85% returns to the customers. The company gives the traders the freedom to make trades using their cell phones. The best thing about the platform is that you do not have to download anything. The mobile interface can easily run on the Android and iOS and properly fits the mobile screen. You can easily login using user credentials to trade. You can use all the options in the mobile interface.


The broker will allow placing binary trades on different commodities and will also allow you to get profits according to the relative performance of stocks. This is the only broker that allows you to trade stock pairs. Trading stock pairs is relative to trading currency pairs. StockPair also gives you to option to trade on your mobile phone. You do not have to download anything to run StockPair on your cell phone. You just need to open the webpage and the interface will detect that you are logging from the cell phone and will open the mobile version of the website.

Boss Capital:

Boss Capital has just introduced the mobile trading system to the customers. On iPhone, you can download the software using the iTunes and the android version of the software can be traded from the play store. You can easily install the software and the process will take a few minutes. There are some new features introduced by this broker on the application, so make sure you take full advantage of it.

Banc De Binary:

You can easily download the application for binary trading offered by this broker from the app store and play store. The application is easy to install and the interface is very friendly.There are many other brokers all over the world that offer mobile trading systems. The reason that these brokers are highlighted in this article is that they offer a lot of features and have a good customer service. These brokers have a high reputation all over the world and offer innovative features for the traders.


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Robots in Binary Options

Posted By on Aug 18, 2015

Binary option robots are a signal contributor and automated trader. Binary option robot reduces human issues like feelings, mistakes and emotions of the trading procedure. The signals are interpreted by the robot and make a decision that when to go into market, the option to employ and the amount to be invest. Robots can be created by the trader or it can be bought. Creating a robot requires adequate programming knowledge and hence most of the trader will buy it.018

The Functions of a Binary Option Robot

There are three essential steps in binary option trade with robot. The primary step is that the robot will analyze the trading indicators that influence the trade direction of the selected currency and forecast the cost. After the cost prediction the robot will select a choice of either PUT or CALL. The final stage is that the robot executes the trade successfully.

The notion of the binary option robot is straightforward and if correctly programmed by the expert it surely grabs profit.

The Benefits of a Binary Option Robot

The primary gain of robot is the consistency. Once initiated the robot fuse with the money management and the trading procedures. Robot will make decision sophisticatedly with out any urge in the decision making. This is especially beneficial for the anxiety traders who fail to make successful trade.

The advantages of automated trader is that it will automatically do trade without the intervention of the trader by accessing the user account and hence the trader would not overlook any signal.

The traders who want to earn money in trade may utilize the guidance of automated robot. Since the binary option robots is completely automatic, there is no manual parameters. Normally the success rate of the automated trade is approximately 83 percentages. The trader is not in need of any technical or financial knowledge. The major advantage of Binary option Robot is that it requires minimal time to analyze the market and discover the ways for profit. Binary option Robot is perfect for both experts and new traders.

021Limitations of Binary Option Robots

The major limitation of the binary option robot is that there is a high risk of scam which leads a wrong prediction. The free binary option robot services only provide limited assets.

Binary Option Signal vs Binary Optional Robot

Binary option signal is a notion that paves the way for ordinary traders to gain profit in the trade. Signal providers that produce signals by using trade experts or by algorithm. The traders will listen to the signal and make their decision in investing in the market.

The trade using the Robot is different from conventional binary option. Here the decision is made automatically by the robot. There is no intervention of the human factor. The benefit of robot is that the traders can perform various trades in parallel without monitoring the market status.

Binary Option Robot Trading Services

There are many kinds of binary option robots and they differ by the execution design. The sort falls under expert trading and algorithmic trading. Here the algorithmic trading gives fruitful results for short term trade while the expert trade will handle longer maturities. Most of the customers prefer automated trade because it reduces the risk factor.

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Spot Option trading

Posted By on Jun 19, 2015


Spot Option trade originated in Europe as a new way to trade various currencies, and has since received a big support from the markets around the world. This way of trading is attractive for traders due to the fact that it gives them a new way to make some money and to make less risky choices. This is precisely why traders want to learn as much about Spot Options to make more profit.

So, what are Spot Options precisely? These options provide the trader the possibility to give out certain conditions that have to be met completely for the trader to get the payout he wanted. Three steps have to be made for a trader to be able to set up Spot Option. First of all, the trading scenario must be characterized by the investor. A broker will have to decide if the conditions are going to be met, and after that he ought to propose a premium. And the last step encompasses the investor who will need to make a decision whether he will accept the offer or turn if he will it down.

Outside of the US, this trade is usually being called Binary Option, due to the fact that there can be only two potential outcomes for the investor.

Just like any other type of trading, the Spot Option has some advantages and some disadvantages. The good thing about this type of trading is that it is very simple and not complicated at all. Another good thing is the fact that the investors here describe the policy of the trade. Besides that, the risk is minimal, which is great for everyone. Nevertheless, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to Spot Option trading. For example, if you buy a Spot Option, you cannot trade it, and even in the case that the conditions change, you are practically stuck with that Spot Option. Another bad thing is the fact that the broker decides on the size of the premium, and the only thing you can do is to accept or decline it. And the third negative side to Spot Option is that it is very hard to foresee the precise time period or the strike price in this scenario that you have projected. You can use some of the Binary Options signals that you can find online for this.

As we have mentioned before, Spot Option trading is not very hard to learn. It can provide huge profit for the investors and traders, but only if they play their cards right. The Spot Option trading, like the Binary Option trading, as it is called outside the United States, has only two possible outcomes, and that makes it great for trading for numerous traders all around the world. Like many other types of trade, it has some positive sides as well as some negative sides; however, a good trader always finds a good thing in every bad one, and manages to get the best out of every hot spot, even if the bad situations rarely ever occur in this type of trade.


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Even though it is pretty young Anyoption is 1 of the oldest brokers for binary options. That is no surprise because the entire binary options industry is pretty young. In 2008 Anyoption went online and so far this broker has a very nice track of success. It is been growing to become 1 of the biggest brokers in the industry and won numerous awards for their platform and customer service. It is no secret to say that Anyoption has brought BO trading to the whole new level!

Trading Platform

There is something special about the Anyoption platform: It is their own software and they made it on their own. They do not use any white label software such as Tradlologic or SpotOptionAnd in this way Anyoption can differentiate from other white label brokers and offer a platform suited to their traders needs. And you would know that they did a great job if you have ever seen this platform in action and providing a great trading platform.

Types of trades

customer-reviews-increase1At Anyoption trading with binary options will give you lots of different investment opportunities and you will see how inventive this broker is. Also, it was the 1st broker introducing option plus. Before it expires this gives traders the chance to sell an option when it is in the money. That is a perfect tool to deal with your risk correctly. Just imagine you buy a call option and just a few minutes later news are coming in and the price falls quickly. But, can sell your call option immediately thanks to Option plus and turn a sure loss into a small profit. It is clear that this profit is lower than the profit you get when the option expires in the money but it is a perfect way to make a profit without risk.


Anyoption doesn’t depend on very low dates of expiration. And you will not find sixty seconds options there and the minimum right now are fifteen minutes. When you are serious with your trading you will be familiar with options with a much lower expiration time will not make much sense. Also, you can trade with every day options that you can buy at the beginning of the trading day and that finish at the end of the day. And that is day trading brilliance!

Minimum Trade

A broker that is focusing on novice traders is Anyoption and that is why the minimum deposit is only hundred dollars. The minimum trade size is twenty five dollars. This is very low compared to other brokers but when you are honest it is supposed to be even lower when it should be the best platform for beginner traders that want to risk the lowest possible. Now, you can easily deposit hundred dollars but you will not be able to trade comfortably. Our recommendation is to deposit at least two hundred and fifty dollars. And then you can trade comfortably with the twenty five dollars minimum option sizes.

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Binary Option Robot Review

Posted By on Jun 19, 2015



A binary options signal provider that offers winning chances of above seventy percent is Binary Option Robot. It is a service that comes with broker signup completely for free. Also, it is one of the very few binary options signals services that we recommend. In this article we will write a small review in order to help you to learn more about it.

How are the signals being made?

Binary Option Robot uses an algorithm that is frequently checking the value of an asset in real time – same as in the case of many other products of this kind. Once the algorithm detects a trend or pattern it will send a announcement to the trader to advise her or him to make the suitable investment.

Predefined movements of the value of assets are trends. For instance, if an asset has been rising frequently for a few hours and then it unexpectedly drops it is expected that throughout the next few minute the value of the asset will go up back to the original value. And that is because the unexpected drop added with the confidence offered by the previous enlarges determined traders to buy the asset.

And that is called a trend. And the reason why it is called a trend is because it always behaves in the same fashion. So, you can predict what comes next if you can detect such a trend while it is being formed.

onlinetradingAnd this is precisely what Binary Option Robot does. The fact that it was developed in good faith and it does really deliver results is the difference between this service and others. In other words -the brokers themselves didn’t develop it.

Also, it is totally independent and isn’t allied with a broker. The owner of Binary Option Robot told us that if the brokers aim to make money on the traders that register with Binary Option Robot they would have to get them to trade manually as an alternative, as the robot is favoring the traders.

After registering at the service, the signals will be sent to you on the interface that you will be able to access. This means, in order to trade – you will have to be online and have accessed the website.

Actually this is very good because this way you will have complete control over what is being traded. And in this way if you disagree with the signal you can cancel a trade and are able to only perform the trades that you in your opinion feel comfortable with.

However, with auto trading if you want to let the system trade automatically then this is completely possible as well. And inside the application, even if you are not online – you will have the possibility to allow the system to automatically execute trades.

One of the few binary signals that also have a money management feature is Binary Option Robot. You will have the possibility with this option to cut your losses considerably and almost totally get rid of the possibility of bankruptcy.


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Banc De Binary

Posted By on Jun 19, 2015


Banc de Binary is around for a nice amount of time as it is founded in 2009. A trading platform that they use is well-known as SpotOption trading platform, which is expected to be excellent for most of the traders. On some fundamental assets, Banc de Binary is submitting great payout even around 90%.

Headquarter of the company is positioned at the center of the financial domain in Wall Street, New York City, United States of America. Being regulated and observed by CySEC and FSA UK, Banc de Binary is entirely controlled binary options broker.

The initial payment is almost the same as of the other Binary Options Brokers and is $250.

In their current offer, it has over 70 different assets, which includes stocks, products, Forex pairs and others. This shall obviously satisfy even the most demanding trader. The major benefit of Forex pair is that it is always available and Banc de Binary offer all Forex major. Trade can be done by trader anytime during the week, hence it suits well for everyone over the globe. This is the reason Forex is so popular nowadays.

bancdebinary-screenSame as other brokers that use SpotOption platform, it is evaluated, tested and confirmed that it is highly reliable. Using its trading platform on different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome or Opera) or different operating systems (Windows or Mac) never showed any problems ,so even on the poorest computer, user can still deal pretty well. Giving of orders sometimes undergo a few seconds to ensue but that is normal. Banc de Binary is among the small number of other Binary Options Brokers that are highly recommended by the users.

It has easy to use platform, no re-quote, no suspicious tactics and completely no problem in withdrawals of money. During their lifetime if a broker satisfies its strict requirements he will make on the list of the suggested brokers.

Customers money is safeguarded by the regulatory agency since Banc de Binary was among a few of the primary regulated Binary Options Brokers; hence customer should have no doubts doing business with this company.

Banc de Binary support center is also available. The trader can use any mean to get in touch with them and it will get an answer almost immediately. It also has a pretty effective trading collection with a suitable audio book in addition to Binary Options eBook.

This company has established the reputation among the most valued Binary Options Brokers.For anyone who wishes to profit from the financial markets, this is a serious and prestigious choice and is highly recommended. In terms of customer support, service is provided by live chat, email and phone. Customer support is offered in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Arabic language. As privately held trading and investment firm Banc de Binary functions in over 80 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Between a wide variety of financial products and services are private banking, investment banking, securities brokerage, and others.

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